New Study Shows 88% of Melatonin Gummies Are Mislabeled

Melatonin has long been touted as a natural supplement to help those who struggle falling asleep or staying asleep. In recent years, the gummy forms have gained popularity and people take a few before heading to bed. With the rise in demand, more parents are using the gummies as a way to get their children to sleep as well.

A new study may have parents rethinking not only their kids’ gummy intake but also their own. The Medical Journal JAMA recently studied 25 different gummy brands and found that 88 percent of the gummies were inaccurately labeled. Many of the gummies contained 20 to 50% more melatonin than was listed on the label. In fact, a product that said it was a melatonin gummy, didn’t have any traces of the supplement at all. Common side effects of melatonin include drowsiness, irritability, nausea and more.

Not only were in-proper amounts of melatonin found in these gummies but were also found to have traces of CBD, when they were not labeled that they did. Any product that contains CBD is required by law to disclose this fact. The Food and Drug Administration has yet to comment on the study.

If you are looking for alternative methods to help you fall asleep that don’t include supplements, here are a few ideas.

Push yourself to stay awake –  Yes, it may sound crazy, but actively trying not to sleep can actually help you to sleep better. Have you ever been lying awake in bed, trying not to think about not sleeping? It’s like if you tell your brain not to see images of oranges – what does it do? It begins to show you images of oranges – so frustrating, right? So, tell yourself that you are not going to sleep, and your brain will see this as an instruction to go to sleep, and soon you will feel sleepy. This is what is known as the sleep paradox.  Just tell yourself that you are not going to go to sleep and don’t drink coffee or engage in any activities that are stimulating, such as playing on your phone or watching television. You can try to keep yourself awake by thinking about your day, keep your eyes open and blink often, read a book, listen to music, or engage in a quiet activity such as knitting. Soon you will find yourself very sleepy.

Hide all of your clocks –  For most people, a clock is as easy to find as reaching for a cellphone – it is generally always within reach. When it comes to sleeping, don’t be afraid to lose track of time. It turns out that keeping track of time can be one of the main reasons why we don’t fall asleep as quickly as we should. Constantly checking the clock makes us stressed out and interferes with actually going to sleep. Set your alarm on your phone and put it in another room – not beside your bed where it is easy to reach over and check the time.

Breathe in through your left nostril –  As if standing on your head was not bizarre enough, what about left nostril breathing? Again, as odd as it sounds, it actually works. Bringing your attention to your breath is a great way to let down, release anxiety, and even lull yourself into blissful sleep. Put a finger on your right nostril and slowly and intentionally breathe in through your left nostril. According to yogi science, the left nostril is a pathway to Ida energy, which represents moon energy: calm, soothing, and passive. The right nostril is associated with the sun or what is known as Pingala energy, which is awakening, active, and fiery.  If falling asleep is difficult for you because your mind is racing, gently cover your right nostril and breathe in through your left. This will activate your parasympathetic response and nudge you out of the fight-or-flight mode ushering in calm relaxation. 

Squeeze your muscles – Squeezing your muscles is like a do-it-yourself massage. There is nothing better than a massage to unwind and enter into deep relaxation. This progressive muscle relaxation exercise is a great way to arrive at a peaceful place.

Follow these steps for your very own self-massage:

  • Lie on your back and take a deep and refreshing breather.
  • Squeeze your toes like you are curling them under your feet. Hold for a minute and release.
  • Breathe again, squeeze your feet, and pull your toes towards your shins.
  • Keep going doing the same thing from your toes, feet, calves, thighs, legs, stomach, buttocks, chest, arms, shoulders, neck, face, and to the top of your head.