8 Ways Meditation Benefits Your 37 Trillion Cells

If you are as passionate about a healthy lifestyle as we are, then you’ve likely looked into and maybe even tried meditation.

Meditation has been around for thousands of years with millions of people swearing by its effectiveness.

Now, studies seem to confirm that meditation affects us down to a cellular level, impacting our brains and potentially even our longevity, although more research needs to be done before scientists reach a final verdict.

Making time for meditation every day can be a bit of challenge, but it’s doable if you make it a priority.

You can practice meditation first thing in the morning after waking up or as you go to bed at night. You may find it helpful to download a meditation app and simply fall asleep while listening to the soothing sound of the meditation music.

You’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. In the meantime, learn eight great ways meditation benefits your 37 trillion cells!

Increases happiness

Meditation triggers increased brain signaling in the left prefrontal cortex, while it decreases on the right. Simply put, this is what makes you happy and decreases negative emotions.

Improves acceptance

You may not like the way you look, the job you have to do every day, or even a disease you cannot beat. Meditation has been linked to an improved acceptance of what is your reality.

Increases self-awareness

Meditation can help you identify frustration or anger you may hold and put it into perspective. Taking time to get to know yourself better allows you to detach from such feelings and understand them better.

Reduces stress

Practicing meditation during stressful times can help reduce anxiety and stress. Stress causes a physical response called “fight-or-flight” activated by the sympathetic nervous system, during which your heart rate and pulse increase. The calming effect of meditation can put you in a relaxed state related to the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps decrease your heart rate and pulse, and slows breathing.

Increases concentration

Meditation has been linked to better and longer concentration. Try meditation before a long day, or during your lunch break, and chances are you will be better able to concentrate when you get back to work. This works for stressed moms, too!

Improves cardiovascular health

Meditation can help you relax by increasing nitric oxide, which opens blood vessels and then drops blood pressure.

Helps you lose weight

Meditating regularly, and particularly before eating something you know you shouldn’t, can help identify why you are about to reach for that candy bar and distance yourself from that emotion (see self-awareness). The more aware you are of the “why,” the more in control you can feel and make a change.

Boosts creativity

All of these points combined can help you increase your creativity and productivity. Letting go of daily stresses and worries enables you to let creative juices flow. Have that note pad ready. You may need it!